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Do the diski dance!
Forget the macarena. Forget the moon walk. South Africa's own diski dance is set to get the world jiving to an African rhythm when the football World Cup arrives on the continent for the first time. Ready to start learning the dance for yourself? Here's how to do the diski dance...
Football Nights
Earn from R300 to R5000 per night per room - make your extra rooms available to international visitors on a bed & breakfast or self-catering basis. Football Nights Accommodation, in conjunction with our service partners Alexander Forbes, Show Travel, and Gobodo and Associates, makes seizing this opportunity easy; simply choose from three unique hosting packages with FNA and we will do the rest.
Government 2010 Website
Government 2010 Website
Official FIFA World Cup website
Official FIFA World Cup website.
Shine 2010
Shine 2010 offers a place for South Africans to congregate, learn and communicate in the months leading to the FIFA World Cup™. Shine 2010 is a First National Bank (FNB) initiative. As the date fast approaches more South Africans are seeking out information about this event, but are confused and discouraged by the huge gaps between the perceptions and realities of their country. Shine 2010 hopes to change that.

Here, soccer fans and concerned citizens of South Africa can find news, opinions and information about the event from people who want it to succeed. This certainly does not mean a free ride for the organizers of the event, but rather recognition that we are all stakeholders in South Africa’s finest moment.
South Africa 2010
South Africa 2010 website

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Do the diski dance!
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