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Bedfordview Athletics club
It was way back in 1978 that three runners from Germiston Callies, namely Rupert Scott, Johnny Neilson & Neil Alexander, were sitting in one of the pubs at Bedfordview Country Club when the idea of forming a running section at this club was born.
Bedfordview Country Club
Bedfordview Country Club (or KENSINGTON POLYTECHNIC as it was known) was founded in 1925 when a meeting was held at the same Rhodes Park Tearoom as we know it today and a decision was made to form Sports Club. The club would offer Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, Baseball , Badmington, Soccer, Swimming and Table Tnnis. Bowls was added in 1933.
Glendower Golf Club
Glendower Golf Club is an extremely well designed golf course set against a tree covered hillside in the suburb of Betfordview. Glendower opened in 1937, the course was the brainchild of a group of ten business men who joined together to purchase the farm Glendower an create the country club.
Royal Johannesburg Golf Club
Without question, Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Golf Club is one of the most prestigious golf clubs in South Africa. In its almost 130 years of existence, it has hosted 7 South African Opens and numerous other major tournaments.

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