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Sector Policing

Sector Numbers

  • Sector 1: 011 400-6661
  • Sector 2: 011 400-6662
  • Sector 3: 011 400-6663

Sector Policing was introduced into the Bedfordview area by the SAPS and the BCPF as the Bedfordview SAPS serves an extensive area of Ekurhuleni i.e. from Eastgate to Elandsfontein.

The RAG area falls under Sector 2 : Area from Van Buuren Road – RAG area – Douglas Road - St Benedicts School – Riley Road - Wilbart

The Aim of creating sectors:
  • To form 3 sectors within the area covered by the Bedfordview Police Station whereby each sector will have 2 dedicated police vehicles with cell phones 24/7 patrolling the Sector 2 area.
  • Residents needing the police, are able to call one of  the SAPS vehicles dedicated to their Sector. There is no need to call the Bedfordview Police Station.

For any queries, please phone the RAG OFFICE on 011 455 4120


To all RAG Members: The RAG CONTROL ROOM has been moved to KEY WEST in Van Buuren Road as at present it does not conform to SAIDSA accreditation as set down by the Security Board. The Key West Control Room is SAIDSA approved. The RAG/SESS CONTROL OFFICERS will work from the new facility. As the changes to the present Control Room in Florence Road will amount to R250 000.00, which RAG cannot afford, the Committee together with SESS made this decision. The changes involved are needed to ensure that the security personnel and clients are safe. The existing RAG Control Room in Florence Road will be utilised by the Reaction Officers for their tea breaks, ablution facilities and shift changes. All reaction vehicles will operate from this Control Room and not leave the RAG area. The above will have no negative impact on service delivery. Regards RAG COMMITTEE

10 Aug  Category: Security News

Safety Tips - Latest from SESS

There is a new trend arising in gaining entrance into the homes in Bedfordview. Main driveway gates are being forced open or lifted off the rails allowing access into the property. There have been numerous cases reported regarding this.

It is highly recommended that an electronic locking system be installed which works in tandem with your electric gate motor. This will add an extra level of security to your entrance. This system can be installed on sliding gates as well as swing gates.

Please ensure that your alarm is activated when leaving your home. (Make this a habit). Test your alarm on a regular basis to ensure that it is fully functional.

For more information regarding the above please feel free to contact Brian Scriven on 082 906 4648.

Take extra care should contractors be working in close proximity to your home.
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22 Sep  Category: Security News

Fighting Crime - It begins with me!

Find out how you can make a difference to crime related incidents. Submitted by RAG Fighting Crime - It begins with me!
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22 Sep  Category: Eblockwatch

How to catch corrupt cops

When those assigned to protect and care become those one needs protection from, where does one turn? Make sure that you have registered on . Test out the number after you have registered to hear how to record.

Pioneer of Bryanston-based eblockwatch André Snyman felt the answer was a call away. Police the police, a campaign started by eblockwatch, helps community members with empowerment in the face of corruption.  “This initiative was set up to track criminal activity. Through community participation Police the police can help stop corruption in the police force,” said Snyman. “Our aim is to discourage cops from corruption and to stop bribery.”  About 77 000 members have registered on the eblockwatch site so far.

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24 May  Category: Making a Difference

Energy Saving Tips

• TURN – turn your geyser temperature to 60⁰C.  This will save you 5% on your electricity bill.
• FLIP – Rather take a shower.  You’ll save up to 40% in water and use 5 times less electricity than heating a bath of water.
• FIT – Install an energy saving shower head.  It’s designed to use 40% less hot water and will save you money on your electricity bill.
• INSTALL – Invest in a solar water heater.  It uses the sun to heat your water, saving you 25% or more on your electricity bill.
• COVER – Fit your geyser with a geyser blanket.  It prevents heat loss and will save you up to 5% on your electricity bill.
• PRESS – Switch off appliances at the wall and unplug chargers.  Leaving appliances in standby mode could cost you up to 6% more in electricity.
• LAY – Insulate your ceiling to keep your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  This will save you up to 16% on your electricity bill.
• TWIST – Replace regular light bulbs with energy-saving ones that use 6 times less electricity.
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