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Sector Policing

Sector Numbers

  • Sector 1: 011 400-6661
  • Sector 2: 011 400-6662
  • Sector 3: 011 400-6663

Sector Policing was introduced into the Bedfordview area by the SAPS and the BCPF as the Bedfordview SAPS serves an extensive area of Ekurhuleni i.e. from Eastgate to Elandsfontein.

The RAG area falls under Sector 2 : Area from Van Buuren Road – RAG area – Douglas Road - St Benedicts School – Riley Road - Wilbart

The Aim of creating sectors:
  • To form 3 sectors within the area covered by the Bedfordview Police Station whereby each sector will have 2 dedicated police vehicles with cell phones 24/7 patrolling the Sector 2 area.
  • Residents needing the police, are able to call one of  the SAPS vehicles dedicated to their Sector. There is no need to call the Bedfordview Police Station.

For any queries, please phone the RAG OFFICE on 011 455 4120

11 Oct  Category: Eblockwatch

Report bogus cops

In response to a rising number of reported incidents about bogus cops and police abusing their power Eblockwatch has launched the Police the Police campaign.FREE to all registered eblockwatch members - please ensure that your 4 support member details are correct in the system (especially their email addresses!). Please note that normal cell phone rates apply for the call.

All members please save 0822360003 only if you have registered with eblockwatch  to your contacts. If you are pulled over by the police please dial this number, the conversation between you and the police is recorded and saved on our server. We ask that you try to provide as much detail as possible during the conversation: • Describe the police car (make, model, colour, the number painted on the side of the car along with the registration number)
• Ask the police person for their name and badge number
• Mention the number of police officers
• Make it clear to the officer that you have just made a call to your friend to tell them where you are etc
• Describe your location and surroundings Try to let the phone remain in a position where the conversation can be recorded. When you hang up, a link to the voice recording is sent in an email to your four support members. An additional benefit for our members with the panic button service is that we immediately send an sms notification to them to check their email for your voice recording. A note about the length of the call: as many people have been testing the service by simply dialling in and then hanging up we have set the system to only send out the email with the link to the recording if the call was longer than 5 seconds. This is to cut down on false alarm situations. The purpose of this service is:
• To have evidence of the bogus cop or cop abusing their power
• To have your 4 support members get the details of your situation via the recording
• The mere fact that the police officer is aware of being recorded will encourage the correct behaviour
If you are not registered with Eblockwatch then visit their website and click on the Register tab to join.

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