News Item: This is scary and dangerous
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Posted by RAG
Wednesday 07 November 2012

This is scary and dangerous.
Any suggestions from our eblockwatch members on how to handle this case?
• Hi Andre I really need some help, my fiancé works at xxxx 200 km North Of Gauteng and has got involved with drugs, he has mentioned the drug lords don’t want to leave him alone and keep tempting him by pushing the stuff into his hands, he suffers from bipolar and his just making more and more debt that at the end of the day his parents have to help him out as the drug dealers are on his case his going t hrough this thing of selling everything that his parents have and what he has. He is not on medical aid and his parents pockets are running dry as the father has been retrenched and there is only one income. they have spent thousands of Rands on drs and the rest to try get him off everything. We have reported it to xxxxx police station about the dealers but they have done nothing about it who else can we ask for help?

• I think that we must throw a safety net around you first and then we deal with him and the drug dealers later.
• 1. Your first step is to go to and connect your cellphone to eblockwatch panic button. Not only does this technology work as a panic button but it also gives us permission to Track, smack and get you back.2. I will connect your alert directly through to our Stroppie Team. Dial *120*2041# now and connect.
• This will alert them at the same time it alerts your personalized support team.
3. I am going to copy this email to guys who deal with situations like this and ask their advice
4. I will also ask our 83,000 member base for suggestions.
• Many crime are committed by addicts who find themselves in this situation and unfortunately those closest to them are the most vulnerable.
Good luck and be careful.
For those on Facebook you can reply with your suggestions there. For those not on Facebook you can watch the Facebook feed on home page and give suggestions via email.

Kind Regards
The eblockwatch team

This news item is from Bedfordview Residents Action Group
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