a non-profit community organisation that exists to protect YOU.

011 455 7022 or 082 322 3333


Residents Action Group is a non-profit community organisation that exists to protect YOU.

Why sign up with RAG?

RAG is an NPO started by residents who live and own businesses in Bedfordview, to protect the neighbourhood that we love.  We have 21 years of experience proving that when you invest in your neighbourhood and fight crime as a community, you get results.


Best response times

RAG has one of the most rapid response times in South Africa.  Our focus on Bedfordview  enables us to  provide the best service to our residents.


21 years of zero-crime tolerance

RAG has a zero tolerance to crime and works exceptionally well with other organisations to protect the residents and properties in our area.

We know our neighbourhood best

The RAG armed response team know our neighbourhood better than any other security company.  Our base is in Bedfordview and our reaction officers know the streets inside out.

Preventing crime before it happens

Information networks, technology like license plate recognition (LPR) cameras spread throughout our suburb means that we can detect criminals and prevent crime from happening.

Our people matter

Our reaction officers are exceptionally well trained and paid above industry standards.  Our dedicated staff members are passionate about the work that they do.  Our directors are all hard working volunteers and residents with families in the community.  Our community matters!

More value

RAG members love us because we deliver results and are always there for them no matter the emergency. They know we care. We care A LOT. In addition, we provide unlimited armed response services 24/7. There is no contract lock-in and there are no hidden fees. All profits go back into technology and infrastructure improvements.


If you see something suspicious ALWAYS call our Control Centre.
Call RAG’s 24-hour control centre on 011 455 7022 or 082 322 3333 or WhatsApp on the RAG Emergency Group to report suspicious people, behaviour, vehicles and incidents immediately.

The success of RAG is driven by active community participation where residents are encouraged to ‘Call-it-in’ whenever they notice suspicious activity. On notification, an armed response is immediately dispatched to investigate and take action.

Emergency Contact Numbers

24-Hour RAG Control Centre:

011 455 7022 or 082 322 3333


082 911 or 084 142

Suicide Helpline

0800 567 765

SA Police Service:


EMPD (incl. fire, noise):

011 458 0911

Bryanston Vet (A/H emergencies):

011 706 6023/4/5


Life Bedford Gardens Hospital

Leicester Road, Bedfordview
011 677 8500

Roseacres Clinic

St Joseph Street, Symhurst, Germiston
011 842 7500