who are we

RAG is a non profit Organisation

run by residents for the residents of Bedfordview. We passionately strive to bring about a safer, crime free  environment to the Bedfordview community as a whole.


RAG provides a diverse range of services to the community including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Management of the security providers within Bedfordview – RAG takes the stress out of managing your security service provider by ensuring that you receive the levels of service which are to be expected.
  • Supply of patrol vehicles 24 hours per day
  • Installation of alarm transmitters
  • Reaction to alarm activations
  • Tuck-in service
  • Access to 24-hour control room service
  • Monitoring abandoned / vacant properties for  security risks
  • Neighbourhood clean-ups

RAG works closely with the Bedfordview CPF ensuring that there are open lines of communication, and actively participates in the sharing of information for crime fighting purposes.

The RAG sectors

Sector 1 – Eastgate, Bedford Centre, Bedford Gardens and Oriel

Sector 2 – Central Bedford also known as RAG:

  • Northern Border – N12 (Between Edenvale offramp and Gillooly’s interchange)
  • Southern Border (Between A.G. de Witt and N3)
  • Eastern Border – A.G. de Witt (including Meridian Complex) 
  • Western Border N3 (Bedford Centre)
  • Including Smith Road & Van der Linde Road – area between Bedford Centre and Eastgate


Proactive Security

RAG’s service provider, P&C Security, works closely with the Bedfordview Police Station and surrounding security companies on joint operations to combat crime in our area.

Reactive Security – Alarm Installations by P & C Security

Alarm Systems are available for installation in homes providing 24/7 rapid response from the RAG/P & C security patrol vehicles, on the activation of an alarm signal or panic button received by the control room. This ensures a response from the SAPS as well. A resident must be a RAG member prior to a P & C security alarm system being installed. Contact the RAG office for installations.

RAG goes the extra mile

At its heart, RAG has the best interests of community members as the strictest priority. The steering committee have vested interests in Bedfordview due to the fact that they are residents. Our vision is to find ways to unite and uplift our area, to provide a safe and clean environment for all, and importantly to protect our property values.

mother and daughter


RAG Membership

Houses: R620 per month

Once off radio fee: R1200

Annual license fee: R250

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