New car for heroic man who saved girl from kidnappers

Breakfast with Martin Bester spoke to Alex McLean, a Bedfordview man who saved a schoolgirl from kidnappers.
Alex McLean, a 38-year-old man from Bedfordview, spoke to Breakfast with Martin Bester after he saved a schoolgirl from being kidnapped on his way to work. McLean was on his way to his offices when he saw three girls running for their lives near Bedfordview High School. “As I came around the corner at the school, I saw a red car. The passenger was out of the car and he was pulling a little girl,” he told Martin Bester. “She was kicking and screaming and fighting for her life,” he continued. he 38-year-old drove up to the car to inspect the situation. The perpetrators got such a fright that they drove into McLean’s car, but not before pushing the little girl out of the car. According to McLean, there was no one else on the road and the girl was, unfortunately, badly hurt. Unfortunately, the suspects drove into the heroic’s man car, which caused it to be written off, before they ran off into a nearby veld. “My car engine blew and, unfortunately, they got away at that moment,” McLean said. On Tuesday, McLean and internet service provider Vumatel shared some amazing news. According to the brave man, the little girl is doing well at this point and the parents are immensely grateful for his heroic act. “We just hugged each other and cried and cried and cried.” “I just thought: if it was going to be me today, it’s fine, but it’s not going to be her.” Police did share that they believed the intention was to rob and kidnap the girl. A firearm and cellphones were also found in the car after the suspects fled. McLean is an army reservist and he believes that his training helped him in this situation. His reaction, he believes, is in his blood and he would not have reacted differently. His heroic actions earned him June’s title of ‘Community Hero’ from the Resident’s Action Group (RAG). Show your support HERE. Melany, McLean’s partner, also told Martin Bester that he saved an Argentinean couple in Maboneng from being robbed just a month prior.