Reaction Officer foils robbery in Bedfordview

The response officer emerged as a community hero following his bravery during a violent armed robbery in Bedfordview.
A reaction officer from the Residents Action Group (RAG) has earned the esteemed title of community hero for his prompt response to an armed robbery alert in Douglas Road, Bedfordview. According to RAG, the officer who could not be named due to safety reasons, was the first responder to the scene after an alert went out around midday on August 16 on the Bedfordview CPF WhatsApp group. Four armed robbers allegedly used their bakkie to force open the property’s gate. They held up the domestic workers, including pistol-whipping the gardener. When the reaction officer arrived at the house, the heavily armed criminals ambushed him, resulting in a shootout. RAG said the suspects had at least three firearms. He kept his cool and stood his ground in an extremely tense and dangerous situation. He calmly returned fire from behind a pillar. The suspects’ bakkie was riddled with bullet holes. “The officer received backup from RAG and BSG before numerous other security role players arrived at the scene and the suspects fled.” Two of these suspects were caught in Van Buuren Road, one by a security guard. “He must be commended for spotting the criminal trying to hide his gun,” said RAG. “One suspect, who escaped by jumping over walls from one garden to another, entered a home in Norman Road and held up the resident at gunpoint. He was shot in the foot before being apprehended,” said RAG. The held-up resident sustained a broken ankle while fleeing from him. RAG added they have opened a case with the police and the three suspects are in custody. A comment was requested from the Ekurhuleni SAPS district, but no feedback was provided by the time of print. RAG has shared a breakdown of what residents can learn from this incident: • The armed robbery was initially reported by a vigilant resident living on the same road. While contractors were working at her house, they observed suspicious behaviour outside. They saw criminals changing their attire to resemble construction workers, and they forcibly opened a gate. • One suspect wore a high-visibility jacket, to pose as a construction worker. They all wore layers of clothing, which they removed as they fled. • These criminals were well-prepared, heavily armed, and undeterred by a guarded security boom. Layers of household security are vital. • An electric fence is a critical security measure. Residents should have an electric fence between their property and their neighbours. • To stay one step ahead of today’s criminals, be extra-vigilant and use all the security measures and technology available.