Residents’ group warns of increase in crime

RAG general manager Mark Morris said that there has been a spate of cash-in-transit heists around the country.

Residents Action Group (RAG) has urged residents to be extra alert and careful when out and about and in their homes.
RAG general manager Mark Morris said that there has been a spate of cash-in-transit heists around the country.

“We have been warned that the gangs responsible are more violent and more organised. Be very cautious when driving near these vehicles or if they are busy making deliveries or collections at shopping centres. Give the vehicles and guards a wide berth,” he urged community members.

Morris noted that pedestrians are increasingly being targeted by robbers.

The criminals are armed with firearms and knives.

“Please take care when walking on our streets. Please warn your domestic workers. Avoid carrying cellphones, cash or valuables. Do not walk alone. Be alert. Ensure that you and your domestic workers know how to contact RAG,” he said.

Residential robberies are increasing and Morris said that on one day, there had been three attempted home invasions in the Bedfordview area.

“We urge all residents to invest in the best security measures and safety features for their homes and use them. Make sure that your beams are activated early each evening.

“Set your alarms at night and every time you leave the house. Make sure that your electric fence is operational.

Your electric fence and house alarm must be linked to a reputable alarm monitoring and armed response service provider like RAG,” Morris stated.

Residents should ensure that all opening windows have burglar bars.

They should also make sure that their gates cannot be lifted off the rails, as this is often how criminals gain entry into the property, said Morris.

He warned community members to be alert when driving home.

“As you approach your home, turn off the radio. Look around. Do not enter your driveway if you suspect that you are being followed.”

Residents should report any security incidents, suspicious persons, vehicles or activities to RAG immediately.

RAG is a non-profit, community-based organisation that was started almost 20 years ago by residents, for residents.

RAG chairperson Marina Constas explained that RAG’s focus is not just on security.

“RAG’s reason for being is our community’s wellbeing. RAG’s steering committee consists of Bedfordview residents like myself who have volunteered because we have deep, vested interests in our very special, close-knit community.

“RAG’s profits all go right back into the community – to put more reaction vehicles on our streets and to do more clean-ups and community upliftment projects through the Better Bedfordview initiative – not to pay directors or shareholders. RAG’s vision is to find ways to unite and uplift our area and to provide a safe and clean environment for all.

“RAG’s unique security solution includes reaction vehicles and highly trained RAG reaction officers who patrol our streets 24/7 and respond to everything from alarms, security incidents and suspicious people to vehicle accidents, fires, medical emergencies, lost pets and belligerent beggars.

“RAG has become the go-to provider that most residents contact for assistance with so many things. RAG’s high-tech control room is in the heart of Bedfordview, so we respond swiftly to any alarm, incident or emergency,” Constas said.

The 24-hour RAG control centre may be reached on 011 455 7022 or 082 322 3333.

For assistance with alarm monitoring and armed response, residents should call RAG on 011 455 4120 or email