Residents Action Group (RAG) is a non-profit organisation started and managed by Bedfordview residents. RAG protects the Bedfordview community and their properties. The unique RAG security model has an established track record of fighting crime for over 21 years and is a proven, highly respected, sustainable security solution.

We believe in proactively fighting crime and doing everything possible to prevent crime from happening in the first place.  We work closely with the community, the Bedfordview Community Policing Forum (BCPF), SAPS and other security companies to do so.

The RAG model consists of three vital elements:

RAG reaction units proactively patrolling our streets 24/7 and responding to community alerts about suspicious activity.

RAG provides a range of comprehensive security solutions, including guarding, alarm monitoring and armed response services.

Unique monitoring, reporting and auditing of security provision.

Investments in infrastructure and technology, which enable us to proactively fight crime.

RAG is much more than an ordinary security company. We have a multifaceted approach to proactively keeping our community safe and our streets crime free, and to ensuring that criminals are brought to book.

The RAG difference

Because RAG is dedicated to our area, our reaction officers know our streets and our community so well that they notice anything out of the ordinary.

RAG really cares about our community!

We offer FREE alarm monitoring and armed response to places of worship in our area.

We invest in the best technology and people to keep our community safe and secure – like our tracking and camera system. We work closely with the Bedfordview Community Policing Forum (BCPF), including monitoring the BCPF’s LPR (license plate recognition) cameras. This network of cameras in our area is a valuable crime fighting tool, enabling the BCPF and other security role players to identify stolen or cloned vehicles and to quickly find and apprehend suspects.

RAG’s chairperson and directors are unpaid volunteers who are serving our community because they love Bedfordview and want to make it better for all.

RAG has been an integral part of our community for more than two decades. We have built up invaluable connections, including with the BCPF, SA Police Service and other security role players. We communicate and collaborate with all role players, to best serve our community. RAG monitors multiple social media groups, including groups serving different streets and road closures where residents communicate with one another as well as our control room and RAG’s general manager.

Minutes on average - best response times in Gauteng*

Years Of Experience

Average km’s travelled in active patrolling per month, just over 9 times around the earth per annum

*Measured from an independent service provider across 48 control rooms in Gauteng

Emergency Contact Numbers

24-Hour RAG Control Centre:

011 455 7022 or 082 322 3333


082 911 or 084 142

Suicide Helpline

0800 567 765

SA Police Service:


EMPD (incl. fire, noise):

011 458 0911

Bryanston Vet (A/H emergencies):

011 706 6023/4/5


Life Bedford Gardens Hospital

Leicester Road, Bedfordview
011 677 8500

Roseacres Clinic

St Joseph Street, Symhurst, Germiston
011 842 7500